Zoho Social Posts

An easy-to-follow guide on how to make your social posting as efficient and effective as possible using Zoho Social. How to prioritise and schedule your posts for maximum effect.

Here’s what’s included in this Zoho Social Post Training:

  • Recap of the 7 Point Marketing Plan
  • Intro to One Click Posting to All Your Social Media Platforms Using Zoho Social
  • What 3.25 Billion Website Visits Revealed About Google, Facebook and Instagram
  • (Also Known as Why You Should Prioritise Your Website and Google My Business Above All Else) 
  • Step by Step Guide to Creating a Zoho Post for Google My Business and Your Other Platforms (GMB and Facebook in This Example)
  • Tips on How to Ensure You Collect Data
  • How to Attach Eye-Catching Images to Your Posts
  • An Intro to Hashtags (More to Follow)
  • How to Review Your Posts
  • Why You Should Post on GMB at Least Once Per Week
  • Using Zoho to Check Notifications and Communications
  • Scheduling Repeat Social Posts the Easy Way
  • Making the Most of GMB
  • Auto-Pilot Posting with Zoho
  • It’s Not Just About Traffic but Also SEO
  • Step by Step on How to Set Up Your Posting Schedule 
  • How to Integrate Your Product/Project/Event Promotions into Your Schedule
  • How to Use Repeating Posts in Your Schedule Effectively
  • Why You Should Use 3 or 4 Hashtags per Post
  • Intro to Different Platform Guidelines and How to Incorporate this Knowledge into Your Posts
  • Adding Multiple Images
  • Why You Should and How to Invite People Who Like Your Posts to Like Your Page
  • Overview of Different Platforms and How to Prioritise and Maximise the Content of Your Posts 
  • The Ultimate Efficient and Effective Social Post Schedule
  • More on Hashtags and What They’re All About

This video and PDF training comes complete with tools and resources to get you up and running, your social media organised, engaging and effective.