May The Fourth Be With Your Marketing

Learn to ‘Use the Force’ and increase engagement from your target market with this informative training.

In this training you’ll learn how to maximise your marketing efforts, using events and messaging that connects with your target market. Leonardo helps you avoid the Number 1 Copywriting Sin and gives you great inspiration to create engaging content to inspire sales.

Here’s what’s included in this May the Fourth be with Your Marketing Training:

  • How to Get Your Leads to Pay Attention
  • How to Avoid the Number 1 Copywriting Sin
  • All About Star Wars Day!
  • Be Humorous — Be Human
  • How to Use Fun Content to Get Noticed
  • So What is that Number 1 Marketing Sin?
  • Why You Need to Connect with Hearts and Minds
  • How to Use Themes and International Days of… to Aid Your Marketing
  • Leonardo Reveals How You Can Use the Force!
  • Revealed: Leonardo’s Strangest Ever Question!
  • Why You Need to Paint a Picture 
  • What’s Obvious to You Isn’t Obvious to Your Customers
  • Tips on Themed Marketing Ideas and Incorporate Them
  • Remember: Organisations Don’t Make Buying Decisions — People Do
  • Learn How to Keep Customers on your Content for Longer
  • Gotta Make ‘em Smile!
  • Tagging Celebrities for Potential Retweets and Added Content Potential
  • Check Out the World’s Largest Postcard!
  • Learn the Top Tip to Get Past the Gimmick Cringe!
  • How to Get Results with Something a Bit Different

Complete this engaging training and learn to create marketing that gets attention from your target market.