Facebook Remarketing

The main focus of this training is to enable you to reach people via Facebook, who previously showed an interest in your products and services, by buying from you, placing an enquiry with you, or by simply visiting your website.

Here’s what’s included in this Facebook Remarketing Training:

  • Get the Lowdown on Facebook Ads
  • Understand Facebook Audiences & Remarketing
  • How to Get Ahead of Competitors Using Facebook Pixel
  • Explained: Remarketing to Headmistress Helen
  • How To in 4 Steps
  • Step 1: Create Your Facebook Pixel
  • Step 2: How to Add Pixel Code to Your Website
  • Step 3: Create Facebook Audience of Website Visitors
  • Step 4: Boost Facebook Post to Website Visitors
  • Without & With Facebook Boost Example

This engaging video and PDF presentation is accompanied by all the tools you need to be fully equipped and ready to go with Facebook Remarketing.