Enter the Conversation

In this training we cover an important marketing principle and a marketing strategy that are both necessary to capture your potential customers attention, in the short term, for the long term.

Here’s what’s included in this Enter the Conversation Training:

  • What is the Collier Principle?
  • How to enter the conversation to increase marketing readership
  • Who was Robert Collier and why was he so successful?
  • What is Already in Your Customer’s Mind?
  • How to be Part of the Conversation and not Interrupt
  • The Trick to Getting a Response
  • How to Align with Your Customers
  • Why Knowing Your Customer is Your First Priority
  • How to Anticipate the Conversation
  • Using Seasonal Topics and News
  • Learn the Technique that Could Multiply Your Response
  • How Coronavirus is Affecting the Conversation
  • What You Can Learn From Your Own Conversations
  • Using Your Ideal Customer Avatars to Enter the Conversation
  • Staying On Track With Current Matters
  • Valuable Advice on Coronavirus Content
  • Creating Materials Using Current Events
  • Leonardo’s Four Steps You Need to Know
  • Using Your Expert Knowledge
  • Learn How to Generate Leads by Creating Free Guides
  • Learn How Free Guides Add to Your Credibility
  • Intro to Facebook Pixel System
  • Creating Facebook Audiences to Reach Customers

Connect with your customers and increase sales using knowledge from this engaging training.