Online Marketing KPIs

This training will give you the tools to understand your Online Marketing KPIs or Key Performance Indicators, this will enable you to target resources where they are of most value.

‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.’

Here’s what’s included in this Online Marketing KPI Training:

  • Key Performance Indicators and Why They’re The Key to Success
  • Introduction to KPIs 
  • How to Invest in What Works for Your Business
  • Understand your Customer Lifecycle
  • Who are Your Advocates?
  • Recap on Sales Funnel
  • If You Can’t Measure It You Can’t Improve It
  • Learn About Your Online & Offline Marketing Sources
  • Learn About Lead Generation
  • Key Facts About Sales Conversion
  • Why Quality is Key for Customer Retention
  • Easy Ways to Find Useful Stats From Google Analytics
  • Get Your Head Round Google Search Data
  • Understanding Social Media Engagement
  • Get the Low Down on Clicks
  • It’s All About Enquiries
  • Understanding Sales and Opportunities KPIs
  • The Turnover Formula You Need to Know
  • How to Find Invaluable Resources

Build your marketing confidence and understand how to get the most from your resources with this training.

£397 £297