Review Marketing Part 1 & 2

In Part 1 & 2 of this module, we’ll be covering Review Marketing, an umbrella term I am using for getting Feedback, Testimonials and Reviews from your customers, and as part of the 5-Part process I am going to share with you in this training, I will also touch on ‘Referral Marketing’ too.

Here’s what’s included in this Review Marketing Training Part 1:

  • Learn the 5 Steps to Review Marketing Success
  • Discover Why ‘Social Proof’ is the Key to Increasing Sales
  • How Social Proof Can Outweigh Low Prices
  • It’s all about Trust!
  • How to Produce the Evidence
  • Discover the Two Secret Weapons to Get Ahead
  • Use Your Secret Weapons for Good!
  • The Law of Reciprocity and How to Use It
  • How to Ensure Commitment and Consistency is On Your Side
  • The Value of Verbal Agreements Before the Job Starts
  • If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get!
  • Learn Leonardo’s Secret Script for Sales Success
  • Why Timing is Everything
  • Always Go the Extra Mile
  • The Vital Info Your Sales Team Needs to Know
  • Learn a Bonus Psychological Tip
  • Creating Your Feedback Form and Getting the Most From It
  • Using Feedback Forms to Create Testimonials (Ethically!)
  • Google Reviews — What You Need to Know

Here’s what’s included in this Review Marketing Training Part 2:

  • Reaching Out for Reviews Reminder
  • How Online Reviews Influence Buying Decisions
  • The Review Stats You Need to Know
  • When to Give Your Customers a Nudge
  • It’s All About Online Reviews
  • But Don’t Forget Word of Mouth!
  • Discover the Two Key Questions You Really Need to Know
  • Using Reviews to Increase Your Sales Conversion Rates
  • Why 10 is the Magic Number
  • Take on the 10 Review Challenge
  • Why Recent Reviews are Vital
  • Why Customers Need to See You’re Currently Active Online
  • How You Can Increase Profit Using Reviews
  • Learn How to Deal With Negative Feedback
  • Learn How NOT to Deal With Negative Feedback
  • Why Personal and Sincere Thanks Works
  • It’s All About Quality and Trust
  • Increase Sales by Categorising Reviews
  • Placing Reviews to Maximise Effect

In this extensive, accessible two part video and PDF training you’ll learn invaluable skills to get the most from Review Marketing.