Completed Jobs Portfolio

The main focus of this training is to help you execute a vital part of your Marketing Plan, using your completed jobs as content that will build customer confidence and improve your SEO.

Let your case studies shout loud and clear to your potential customers, driving sales and helping your SEO in the process.

Here’s what’s included in this Completed Jobs Portfolio Training:

  • Where Your Jobs Portfolio Fits into Your Marketing Plan
  • Learn 2 Methods of Showcasing Completed Jobs on Your Site
  • Discover 3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Case Studies
  • Find Out 7 Steps to Improved Content and Feedback Plus Recommendations
  • The Content Ideas You Need to Know
  • More Content Ideas That’ll Help Drive Up Your Sales
  • Leonardo Answers Some Portfolio Questions
  • Access Invaluable Tools and Resources

Complete this engaging training and learn everything you need to know about adding case studies to your website and using them to create effective marketing.