Customer Lifecycle, Retargeting & News

This training will help you understand how best to communicate with your customers.

It’s important to understand the different stages or steps that your customers go through, that takes them from not knowing who you are, through to becoming your customers, and or recommenders of your business to others.

People require different information at different times and in different formats. In addition to this, the contact details of leads and customers will be stored in different marketing lists.

If you regularly communicate with people in the right way, at different stages in the customer lifecycle and you pro-actively grow your marketing lists, you’re likely to generate more enquiries and sales.

Here’s what’s included in this Customer Lifecycle, Retargeting & News Training:

  • The Customer Lifecycle
  • Targets > Leads > Prospects > Customers > Repeaters > Advocates
  • Customer Lifecycle Sales Funnel
  • Marketing Messages
  • Marketing Assignment
  • Marketing Media & Marketing Lists
  • 3-Step Newsletter Summary Posting, Retargeting & Newsletter Subscription Process
  • 21 Places to Advertise Your Newsletter & Stuff
  • Tools and Resources

This training consists of an easy-to-follow 47 minute training video plus 28 page PDF with support materials.

£397 £297