Learn To Build Websites That Will Increase Sales For Any Business

Hi, I’m Leonardo,

Thank you for your interest in The Fusion Website Course, which has been created to teach people how to build websites that will increase sales for any business.

Following on from our pre-launch group, the course recording are now available.

If you missed the live pre-launch group, and do not want to wait until next year’s group, you can take the course online at your own pace.

See info below & let us know if you have any questions.

After a Decade of Building Websites…

I can no longer cope with website build demand, so here’s the plan.

I’d like to teach you, your team, a family member or a friend of yours, on how to build a great looking business website that will increase your sales (or the sales of any business) for many years to come.

Image below shows some of the websites I have designed, using the ‘no code’ Fusion Website System I recommend. Most of the sites you see below are now managed by my clients, so they have full control over their own websites.

Click image thumbnails to take a closer look & scroll down for more info.

Why Should You or Someone You Know Learn To Build Websites Like These?

  • If your website does not contain the features we recommend, a new website can help you attract more leads, buyers and returning customers, so you make more sales & profit

  • A 2nd or 3rd website can be used for promotions, landing pages, memberships sites or to showcase product launches

  • It gives your company more control of your website, so you’re less reliant on web design companies, so it’s easier & cheaper to update your website as part of your marketing strategy

  • Learning how to build websites adds an extra string to your bow – the sky’s the limit in terms of the people you can help

  • For us, the most important reason is that a Fusion Website can help your business grow, which is great for everyone involved!

Unlimited Amount of Design Options

As you can see from the examples above, the system I recommend can be used to build a website that is perfectly suited to your business & taste.

When you factor in the 80+ professional templates and over 100 design elements for building pages, in any colour or style, there really is an unlimited amount of design options you COULD use.

With that said…

During The Fusion Website Course the teaching is focused around what I believe to be the best place to get started, so you can build a great website that helps you get more sales, as fast and efficiently as possible.

In my opinion, the best place to start is to clone an existing website and then change the logos, colours, text and images to suit your business!

I have included are a few screenshots of an example template below that I will be using throughout the course.

The design, features & site structure below gets great feedback and has more than doubled my clients sales over the last 12 months.

Just to clarify then…

The Fusion Website Course does not teaching everything you can do with the system.


I will be teaching how to create a website that looks similar to the one shown below, which has made a significant difference to my clients business.

This will provide a foundation that you can build upon, as you continue your own learning after you’ve been through the Fusion Website Course, if you choose to do so.

Here are a few example pages that we’ll be cloning in the course and I’ll show you how to change the colours, text and images etc.

Home Page Example [Top]

  • Here’s an example of the top half of the Home page – the rest of the Home page contains a summary of the whole website, including a few product images, a few recent projects & a few news items, all of which link to their respective pages on the site.

Products / Services & Category Page

  • I will show you how to create a page like this, by editing the template. You will need individual product or services pages, and depending on the amount of products or services you sell, you may also need Category pages to list all of the things you offer.

Example Prices Page

  • Here’s an example of a Prices Page, which is great for pre-qualifying prospective customers, so they know what to expect. A page like this will save you time, as you’ll be speaking to less people who are looking for a cheap alternative.

Example Project Page

  • Showcasing your completed projects, happy customers or services carried out (in the right way) is great for proving to potential customers that you can do what you say you can do. Plus, the more pages of finished jobs you have, the more potential customers you’ll attract via the free listings on Google.

Example News Section

  • Keeping your visitors, leads & customers up to date with your latest news, developments, offers, tips & advice is essential for growing firms.

Example Contact Page & Footer

  • An easy to use Contact Page will encourage more enquiries from potential customers. The image also shows the Website Footer, which appears at the bottom of every page on your website.

Fusion Website Results

Here’s How The Course Works!

  • I previously taught my first students step-by-step on how to create a website by cloning a template & changing the logos, text, colours & images etc.
  • All recordings have been edited into short video clips, which can be accessed 24/7
  • Simply follow each of the recordings one by one to build your own website
  • As part of the course, you’ll receive 90 days of email support to get your questions answered, so if you get stuck, we’ll help you get unstuck by email.

Costs & Getting Started!

Thanks again you for your interest in The Fusion Website Course.

If you would like to take the course, the cost is £2500 (one off fee) or if you’d like to spread the cost, it’s x3 payments of £1000 per month, for 3 months.

There will two additional costs for your template software & website hosting, which are payable direct to the relevant suppliers (subject to exchange rate):

£50 (one-off) for License – inc. 6 month support from theme developer

£20 (per month) for Secure Website Hosting – inc. Hosting Support

If you have any questions, please email info@Leonrdo.com.

Best wishes

PPS. Here’s a recap…

I taught a small group of people like you (no past experience required) how to clone and change a website using a proven template that will increase sales for any business.

I walked through the steps live and answered questions. Attendees followed the steps in between the live sessions, to build their new websites.

This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to learn a valuable skill.

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