Custom Google Maps

Get up to speed on creating your company’s Custom Google Map to showcase case studies, drive sales and improve SEO.

Custom Google Map Training will equip you to add this invaluable resource to your company website. The benefits are multiple and this step by step guide will leave you confident to add case studies to your own map.

Here’s what’s included in this Custom Google Map Training:

  • Intro to Custom Google Maps Including Working Example
  • Discover Why Your Website Needs Your Case Studies on a Google Map
  • Custom Google Maps the Ins and Outs
  • Foolproof Step by Step: How to Add Your Customised Google Map to Your Website
  • Discover Creative Map Marketing Ideas
  • Leonardo’s Groovy Google Map Features
  • Access Helpful Tools and Resources
  • Get the Responsive HTML Code to Add Your Google Map

This video and PDF training includes extra tools and resources to ensure your Custom Google Map is a dynamic marketing asset.