Do Your Know the Score?

Learn about the Multiply Marketing Scoreboard, so you can tell your marketing winners from your losers and make more educated decisions, to drive your business forward.

This KPI training introduces the Multiply® Marketing Scoreboard and consists of a 40 Minute Training Webinar and a 35 Page Training PDF to help you identify how to get the most from your marketing spend. Knowing your numbers is key to growing your business and sales.

Here’s what’s included in this KPI ‘Do You Know the Score?’ Training:

  • Do You Know the Score? Intro
  • Introduction to The Multiply® Marketing Scoreboard
  • Learn Where to Invest Minimum Resource for Maximum Result
  • Start with Your High Level KPIs – Gain Insight Into Where You Are
  • Identifying Your Key Marketing Numbers
  • Marketing Funnel Recap
  • Identifying Your Key KPIs Using the Sales Funnel
  • Building Your Own Scoreboard
  • Understand Source and Spend
  • Learn the iMarketing Return on Investment Matrix
  • Discover the Only 3 Ways Your Business Can Grow
  • Understand the Multiply Growth Formula
  • Why Testimonials, Reviews and Recommendations are Your Key to Success
  • Using Testimonials, Reviews and Recommendations to Motivate Your Team
  • Drilling Down Into Marketing Data
  • Get to Grips with Source and Spend
  • Learn About Leads and Opportunities
  • Focus on Sales and ROI
  • Identifying Your Subscribers, Engagers, Browsers and Updaters
  • Using Your Numbers for Maximum Effect with Minimum Output
  • Learn the Key Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Grow Your Business

This engaging training session with accompanying support materials will provide vital tools to help you focus your marketing effort and resource for maximum growth.

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