Marketing ROI Matrix

The main focus of this training is to help you create a Marketing Return on Investment Matrix, so you “Know The Score” in terms of what’s working and what’s not working, to drive your sales growth.

Your Marketing ROI Matrix outlines the investment you’re making in different marketing channels, campaigns and activities to Drive your Leads, Opportunities and Sales.

As part of this training module, I am also going to walk you through some ideas for tracking your marketing numbers, which is arguably, the most challenging aspect of all this.

Here’s what’s included in this Marketing ROI Matrix Training:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Intro
  • Google Search Results Page Analysed
  • How To Spy On Your Competitors Traffic
  • How To Rank Higher On Google
  • Google Ranking Factors Explained
  • How To Find The Right Keywords
  • 3 Types of Keywords That Matter
  • Where To Add Your Product Keywords
  • Why Focus On Content Length & Quality
  • What To Do Before You Start SEO
  • How To Analyse On Page SEO Factors
  • How To See What Google Likes At #1
  • Why Word Count Is So Important
  • Home Page or Product Page SEO
  • 9 Step Keyword & Content Process
  • 2 Getting Started SEO Assignments
  • How To Find What ‘Customers’ Search
  • & More To Generate Customers Online
  • + Trusted SEO & Google Resources

Delivered and recorded to help you generate more prospects and sales for your company using Search Engine Optimisation.

£397 £297