Your Best Customer Avatars

A customer avatar, or buying persona, is essentially a profile of your best customer or client. When
you understand who your best customer is, what they look like, their habits, interests, challenges,
aspirations, in fact everything about them, you’ll be much more effective in marketing to them.

Here’s what’s included in this Your Best Customer Avatar Training:

  • Why Customer Avatars Are Key To Getting Marketing Results
  • How To Get In Tune With Your Customers
  • The Secret to Multiplying All Your Marketing Results
  • How Your Sales Will Benefit From Specific Messaging
  • A Reminder That Your Customers Are Busy People
  • Why Your Customers Will Need A Nudge
  • Discover Why Most Marketing Falls Short
  • Learn To Ask The Right Questions
  • Try An Exercise To Give You Customer Insight
  • Get A Picture One of Your Best Customers Now To Enhance Sales
  • Focusing On Your Specific Business
  • Customer Outcomes And Why You Need To Focus On Them
  • Why Customer Problems Are Key To Your Messaging
  • How To Get Passionate About Problems
  • You Might Be Seen As A Genius!
  • How To Build Demographic Information
  • How To Build Psychographic Information
  • Getting Your Detailed Customer Description
  • Understanding Your Customers’ Marketing Channels
  • Why You Need To Know Your Indirect & Direct Competitors
  • Easy Ways To Find Your Avatar Information
  • Handy Hints On Surveys
  • Top Tips For Running Avatar Brainstorms
  • Getting The Most From Your CRM
  • Your Staff Have The Answers
  • Why Reading Reviews Is Important
  • MyGPS Greatest Hits!

This engaging video, PDF and supporting materials will give you a head start in understanding your customers and improving your communication.

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