Win the ZMOT To Multiply Your Sales

The main focus of this training is how to dominate your industry and win more customers, by becoming expert in information marketing.

Here’s what’s included in this Win the ZMOT Training:

  • Learn about the Revolutionary Marketing Strategy as Heralded by The New York Times
  • So What is ZMOT?
  • How to Multiply Your Inbound Sales
  • Customer Avatar Recap
  • Your Best Customers’ Questions and Problems
  • Discover the Secret to Dominating Your Industry — By Doing Something None of Your Competitors Dare
  • Get the Lowdown on the New Information Marketing Model
  • The ‘hard-to-swallow’ Information Page that Generates a Million Visitors Each Year
  • How the Answering Customers Questions Strategy Increased Website Traffic by 30,000%
  • Discover the Selling Process that Increased Sales Conversion Rates from 20% to 80%
  • Check Out Leonardo’s Super Sleuthing
  • How to Become the Trusted Voice and Industry Knowledge
  • Why You Should Tackle Problems Head On
  • It’s All About What’s BEST
  • It’s Also About Trust
  • The Strategy of Preeminence 
  • Discover the Pages Read / Sales Conversion Statistic That Will Open Your Eyes
  • Great Minds Think Alike — You’re in Great Hands
  • Leonardo’s Lead Generation Blueprint
  • Get Practical Ideas for Compiling Your Content
  • What to Do if You Have Just 5 Minutes Per Week
  • What to Do if You Have Just 1 Hour Per Week
  • What to Do if You Have 1 Day Per Week
  • Another GPS Greatest Hit!

Become the leading voice in your industry with this engaging training and accompanying support materials.