Citation Building

This is a two part training on the all important subject of Citations. In the context of Online Marketing, a Citation is a mention of your business details online, so a listing of your business details… and that can include your Business Name, Address and Phone Number, also called your Business NAP.

Citations are a vital component in building your company profile, improving your SEO and gaining customer trust.

Here’s what’s included in this Citations Building Training Part 1:

  • So What Are Citations?
  • Discover Why Citations Can Make All the Difference
  • Learn About Citations Preparation
  • Do It Yourself Citations Building
  • Using Google & Ubersuggest To Find Suitable ‘Citations’ Websites
  • Citation Building Service
  • Useful Tools & Resources

Here’s what’s included in this Citations Building Training Part 2:

  • Recap on Citations Building
  • Walk Through Sunbeam Canopies Live Citations
  • Learn About BrightLocal Citations Report
  • What About Buying More Citations in BrightLocal?
  • Understand Hiding Addresses in Citations
  • Learn About Your Citation Building Options: DIY / Manual / Aggregators / Manual Submissions
  • Get the Lowdown on Backlinks for SEO
  • Leonardo’s Lockdown Marketing Tip
  • Access Vital Tools & Resources

This video and accompanying PDF two part training comes complete with tools and resources.