SalesKit is a proud member of the SME Climate Hub, a global initiative that empowers small to medium sized companies to take climate action and build more resilient businesses.

Through the SME Climate Hub, we commit to lowering our impact on the environment through authentic action, halving our emissions by 2030. In making the commitment, we have joined the United Nations Race to Zero campaign.

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We’ve also joined Better Business Act

Research shows that UK voters and consumers want business to do better. Three quarters of the UK public think business has a responsibility to protect the environment and the majority favour brands that do good in the world.

The Better Business Act will transform the way we do business, so that every single company in the UK, whether big or small, takes ownership of its social and environmental impact.

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What’s Your Web Page Carbon Footprint?

Did you know that websites have a carbon footprint?

According to, the internet consumes a lot of electricity. 416.2TWh per year to be precise.

To give you some perspective, that’s more than the entire United Kingdom.

From data centres to transmission networks to the billions of connected devices that we hold in our hands, it is all consuming electricity, and in turn producing carbon emissions equal to or greater than the global aviation industry.

Yikes! have developed the first methodology for calculating the carbon emissions attributed to a website and their free website carbon calculator will help raise awareness and inspire a more sustainable internet.

If you want help doing a more detailed analysis or need assistance reducing emissions from your web project, their team would be happy to discuss your requirements (see below).

Check out our full report, and use the Website Carbon Calculator to test your own web pages:

Watch this space… for updates on how we’re improving the carbon footprint of web pages for ourselves, our clients and our friends.

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